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And in the USA by Innovative Artists


I started making horror films with my friends in my teens, shooting on 8mm video and editing tape-to-tape in our schools media department.

After a 3 year TV University course I started work as a freelancer, in factual entertainment, in 2002. Working as a lighting cameraman for TV shows like MTV Cribs, and Pimp My Ride, as well as countless documentaries, reality shows and children's television, while shooting short films and music videos on the side. I slowly started shifting my career into commercials and drama (it took a while!) during the late 00’s.

In the past 5-6 years I’ve become a full-time commercials DOP, with a few dips into drama, and scripted comedy. I’ve never assisted, which means I generally do things the wrong way while also annoying the hell out of my 1st AC, and I didn’t go to film school so yeah I guess I’m badly educated too! I’ve very much “felt my way” though my career so far.

I’m 40 years old. I live in East London, where I grew up and have lived all my life, with my wife Zoe Boyle, who I married in 2019.

Oh this is a bit out of date now... I'm now 42, have a dog named Chewie and I got a BSC earlier this year. Who'd have thought!?